Students' League of Nations 2017

Students’ League of Nations – United Nations, Geneva

Title: Students’ League of Nations
Location: Palais des Nations (United Nations HQ), Geneva
Date: Sunday 10 December 2017 – Wednesday 13 December 2017
Party leader: Mr Grafton
Number of staff: 1
Number of students: 4
Year groups: Year 12
Subject area: IB
Brief description:

Founded by the International School of Geneva, the Students’ League of Nations (SLN) is a realistic simulation of the United Nations’ General Assembly by young people aged 16 – 20 from schools throughout the world.

During this realistic simulation exercise, students take on the roles of delegates. In so doing they become mindful of what’s at stake globally and conscious of the importance of dialogue in conflict resolution. This year, our students are representing Mozambique and Brazil.


More to follow…

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