Houses of Parliament 'Our Local Area' visit

‘Our Local Area’ visit – Houses of Parliament, London

Title: Houses of Parliament ‘Our Local Area’ visit
Location: Houses of Parliament, London
Date: Monday 29 January 2018
Party leader: Mrs Ridley
Number of staff: 2
Number of students: 15
Year groups: Year 7
Subject area: Geography
Brief description: A visit to the Houses of Parliament in London. This is an exciting opportunity for students to discuss their ideas for the local area with an MP as well as going on a guided tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


At the end of the Year 7 Geography unit of work on Our Local Area all students in Year 7 were asked to write a letter to Rt. Hon. Dame Caroline Spelman MP to outline their ideas about how to improve Kingshurst. 15 letters were chosen by the Geography Department and a special trip to Parliament organised for Monday 29 January 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity for the small number of students involved to travel to London by train with two members of Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst staff. Once the group arrives in London they will have a tour of the Houses of Parliament and a chance to discuss their ideas for the local area with Dame Caroline. After the tour of Parliament the students and staff will walk up Whitehall and past the gates of Downing Street towards Trafalgar Square. Time permitting the group may also visit some other tourist attractions nearby.

The students were absolutely phenomenal all day and have been given a Principal’s Award for their original letter, enthusiasm and being such great ambassadors.

Our Amazing Experience

Year 7 students who were lucky enough to have this amazing experience all had a fantastic time. All students in Year 7 were asked to write a letter to our local MP, Dame Caroline Spelman. This letter had to be about Kingshurst and what Dame Caroline could do to make Kingshurst a better area. Eventually, Mrs Ridley and the other Geography teachers picked the 15 students who had compiled the best letters to go on this amazing trip.

We met at Birmingham International Train Station one cold and gloomy morning at the end of January. As it was only 07.40 everybody was really tired. However, we were conversing about how excited we were! It wasn’t long before our speedy train arrived and then after 1 hour we found ourselves in our capital city, London. When we arrived at Euston we had a few minutes where we had to wait before we could go onto the Underground, so we stood and soaked up the different noises and then had a photo taken with a Policeman!

We went on the bustling Underground and arrived at Westminster to embark upon the next stage of our journey. On approaching the Houses of Parliament we were all fascinated by its size and glamorous architecture. When we ventured inside we had an extremely informative tour which allowed us to:

  • See the Royal Robing Room and the Queen’s regal throne
  • Stand in the House of Commons by the famous green benches
  • Imagine being in the House of Lords
  • Hear fascinating facts about the Gunpowder Plot
  • See the bustle of the Lobby and Division Corridor (where MPs vote)

After this, we were all feeling quite hungry, so we stopped off and enjoyed a bite to eat whilst watching the hustle and bustle of the River Thames opposite Parliament. Later on we did some souvenir shopping before we got onto the train again and headed back to Birmingham. When we got off the train we met our parents and were told what good ambassadors we were for the school by Mrs Ridley and Mr Grafton who had accompanied us and been complimented by members of the public throughout the day.

Written by Sharna Aftab (7 Broadhurst)

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