CERN science trip 2018

CERN science trip – CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Title: CERN science trip (Residential)
Location: CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Date: Monday 18 June 2018 – Wednesday 20 June 2018
Party leader: Miss Pearce
Number of staff: 3
Number of students: 25
Year groups: Year 7-10
Subject area: Physics
Brief description: CERN is used by scientists all over the world to study particles using particle accelerators. It is where the Higgs Boson was discovered by colliding particles at almost the speed of light in a 27km underground ring called the Large Hadron Collider. Students will take part in a half-day workshop at CERN. They will also explore the exhibitions at the site which is a few miles from the centre of Geneva and have the opportunity to meet the scientists who work there.

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