iPad update for Year 13s

Year 13 iPad update
All Year 13 iPads will need to be returned in order to install our new college network profile and settings. The ‘old’ profile and settings will cease by 19 October and any iPad that has not been reset will be no longer work.  It is imperative that students return their iPads on schedule in order for them to be deleted and reset.

iPads will be recalled in batches starting on Monday 8 October. Please check with your tutor or the list on the noticeboard as to when students are required to return their iPad. If students adhere to these deadlines we are hoping to only need to have their device for a period of two days.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the devices will be deleted back to factory defaults, it is each students’ responsibility to ensure that they transfer any documents / data from their devices. Restoring from a backup will not work, as you will need to setup the iPads as a new device.