IC launch autumn theme

The theme for the latest display is autumn.
Come in to the Information Centre (IC) and choose from our collection.


Autumn is the season when warm summer temperatures gradually decrease to the cold of winter. Autumn begins on the autumnal equinox, when the day and the night are the same length. In the Northern Hemisphere this occurs on 22 or 23 September.

The temperature changes from summer to winter do not happen everywhere. In regions close to the equator, temperatures stay warm throughout the year. In the areas by the poles the temperatures stay cold throughout the year.

Autumn is a time of change. Autumn is known as fall because it is the season in which leaves change colour and fall from the trees. Animals begin to prepare for winter. They grow thicker coats or store food for the coming winter. Some birds migrate towards the equator to escape the falling temperatures. Autumn is often when crops are harvested.

More information can be found at 577.2 on the selves and online at Britannica School.

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