Pankhurst Food Donations

Pankhurst students have been collecting for a local foodbank. Over 50 donations have been made so far and it is not over yet. Students have been invited to take part by bringing in items such as tins, pasta, UHT milk, cereal, jars, sweet and savoury snacks and any other non-perishable foods with a good date. These will help people in emergencies who need food and rely on donations.

A competition between forms has helped boost understanding of the importance of donating and of how much food people waste. Year 7 students Mackenzie and Georgina think everyone should try to give something. Mackenzie said ‘It is a really good idea. People are taking part and giving to others which is important!’ Georgina added ‘Donating is important as other people are not always as fortunate as us.’

The competition will run until Easter and the winning form will receive a prize. College Pankhurst have now also had some generous donations from staff and members of the public. Thank you!