Pankhurst Bake Sale for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Pankhurst Bake Sale for Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Pankhurst students have spent the last few weeks preparing for a bake sale to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. They contacted the hospital themselves and ordered the fundraising pack. They also made posters and bunting, set up the event on the day and played a big part in running it.

Pankhurst staff and students baked or bought cakes, brownies and doughnuts to sell and raise money for the hospital. Birmingham Children’s Hospital was selected by students as a cause they wanted to help support. The students wanted to raise money for kids who are poorly or are from families where someone is unwell.

Pankhurst Bake Sale for Birmingham Children’s HospitalThe event took place on Tuesday 10th December at brunch time. Autumn Monkman in year 8 has wanted to do a charity event aimed at young people for some time. Autumn helped set up and sell cakes. Autumn said “Raising money for young charities is brilliant and it helps benefit them in ways such as being able to build a playroom and built more facilities.”

Year 7 student, Liam Chamberlain-Mitchell says “The bake sale is the first Pankhurst event I have volunteered at. I enjoyed helping out and I know the money raised will go to a good cause.”

Ben Jones in year 9 has helped out at various charity events and thinks this one has been very successful. “We have made over £200 for the hospital and it can go towards helping those in need. A lady from the hospital is coming in to collect the money and has invited us over to visit.”

Pankhurst have a history of organising a brilliant bake sale. A big thanks to all the students for getting involved!