Whitemoor Lakes

Each year, at the start of the autumn term, 250 of our Year 7 students take part in an annual residential visit, where they will get the opportunity to be involved in a range of different activities that keep them very busy during their stay!
The trip helps students to build new friendships and get to know their new form tutors. It is also a great opportunity for each student to gain new skills and achievements whilst taking part in the activities. All students are encouraged to participate in the activities. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork and peer support. Feedback from the students is always very positive. It is a trip that the students talk about for many years!

There are many different activities for students to take part in, ranging from rock climbing to archery. Climbing is always a highlight with many students attempting to conquer their fear of heights aided by the support from their tutor group. A number of the activities require the students to work as a team allowing them to develop good communication skills, teamwork and leadership. During the evenings the students are entertained by a range of activities such as a night walk, a DVD night and games.

The meals offered by the catering staff at the Whitemoor Lakes are healthy and appetising. The students enjoy the option of a fully cooked breakfast in the morning, toast, cereal and fruit, followed by lunch and set meals for dinner. The meals provide them with enough energy to last them throughout the day, although, a number still eat a few snacks!

For many years the annual trip has been very successful. The activities and tasks have benefited the students as individuals and as a group, allowing them to connect with each other, as well as preparing themselves for the even more great experiences waiting for them at the academy and beyond.

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