Examination Information

Please refer to the following document links that give useful information for parents and for KS4 students regarding examinations:

Parents’ Examinations Handbook

Examination processes and procedures including preparing for exams, the exam day itself, and what happens after the exams.
Open Handbook

KS4 Students Examination Information

Information on the external examination process with frequently asked questions.
Open Document

JCQ Examination Documents for 2017/18

Examinations are strictly regulated by JCQ (Joint Council for Regulations). We are obliged to bring all students’ attention to the attached JCQ regulations in order that they can familiarise themselves with them.

Information for Candidates


Contingency Day 2019

A contingency exam day has been arranged for “GCSE and/or GCE examinations, should sustained national or local discruption arise during the June 2019 examination series.” The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 26 June 2019. Therefore, students who will be taking GCSE and/or GCE examinations in the summer of 2019 must be available and able to come into school on Wednesday 26 June to sit any of their exams that had to be postponed during the exam season.
The contingency session for IB is the afternoon of Friday 24 May 2019.

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