Staff Contact Details

Please find below the email addresses of leaders and teachers at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst.
For general enquiries please contact

Title Surname Email Job Title Subject
Mr Adams Teaching Assistant AEN
Miss Akhtar Teacher English
Miss Allen Teacher Sport and Outdoor Learning
Miss Allport Director of Science Science
Mrs Armitage Teacher Languages
Miss Aston Learning Support Specialist AEN
Miss Atkinson Teacher Science
Mr Bailey Lead Practitioner Maths Maths
Mrs Bailey Cognition and Learning Manager AEN
Mrs Barker Director of Curriculum Design and Timetabling Maths
Mr Barrie Teacher Social Sciences
Mr Bartlam Teacher ICT
Miss Begum Teacher RE
Mr Bowers Director of Post 16 Sport and Outdoor Learning
Miss Bridgewater Teacher Music
Mr Broadhurst Head of House Tull History
Mr Brock Teacher Maths
Mr Brocklebank Teacher Science
Mr Butler Head of Media Media
Mr Caldicott Learning Support Specialist AEN
Miss Callow Head of Faculty Maths Maths
Miss Clarke Graduate Cover Supervisor Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mrs Colden HR Manager HR
Ms Colley Teacher RE
Miss Cooper Teacher Uniformed Services
Mrs Cooper Teacher Science
Miss Coudert Teacher Languages
Mr Crowley Assistant Head of Faculty Maths Maths
Mr Curran Director of Sport and Outdoor Learning Sport and Outdoor Learning
Ms Davies Vice Principal Business Studies
Miss Davis Director of Lead Practitioners Art and Design
Mrs Dheri Assistant Head of Faculty Biology Science
Mrs Dunleavey Welfare Officer Safeguarding
Miss Dunn Teacher Art and Design
Miss Earl Transition Learning Support Specialist AEN
Mrs Elwell Teacher Art and Design
Mr Evans Teacher English
Mr Fielding Aspire & Achieve Support Coach AEN
Mr Fletcher Director of Extended Services Extended Services
Mrs Foley Teacher Languages
Mrs Freeman Restorative Approaches Practitioner Pastoral Support
Miss Galloway Teacher English
Miss Garland Head of Faculty Social Science Social Sciences
Mrs Ghosh Lead Practitioner Science Science
Miss Gilchrist Teacher Sport and Outdoor Learning
Miss Grady Attendance Officer Pastoral Support
Mr Grafton Teacher Uniformed Services
Mrs Grierson Teacher Geography
Miss Griffiths Teacher Maths
Mr Grove Pastoral Manager Year 9 Maths
Mrs Grove Head of Faculty English English
Miss Hall Teacher Drama
Mrs Hamilton-Grady Teacher Science
Mrs Harper Assistant Vice Principal Social, Emotional and Mental Health
Mrs Hewson Director of Standards and Quality Assurance Pathways
Mr Hewson Principal SLT
Miss Hill Teacher Languages
Mr Hinsley Teacher Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mrs Hobbins Teacher Art and Design
Miss Hockin Teacher History
Mrs Hull Teacher English
Ms Hull Graduate Coach – Maths Maths
Mrs Huxtable Teacher Music
Dr Ishchenko Teacher Science
Miss Ivery Assistant Vice Principal Vulnerable Learners and Qualifications
Mrs Jaggers Teacher Maths
Mrs John-Crosslin Director of Maths Maths
Mr Jones Senior Vice Principal Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mrs Jones Director of SEND Geography
Mr Jones Extended Services Coach Extended Services
Mrs Jones AEN Specialist -Testing & Assessment AEN
Mrs Kimberley Head of Faculty Visual Arts Art and Design
Miss Laher Teacher Art and Design
Miss Laishley Teacher Theory of Knowledge
Mr Last Pastoral Manager Year 10 Geography
Miss Lowe Head of Faculty PE Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mr McEvoy Teacher Physical Education
Mr McLoughlin Teacher Maths
Mr Mountain Assistant Head of Faculty English
Miss Norris Pastoral Manager Year 7 Dance
Miss O’Brien Head of Faculty Science Science
Mr O’Carroll Teacher Design Technology
Mrs O’Mahony Hub Manager AEN
Miss Orlandini Teacher Social Sciences
Mr Parfitt Assistant Vice Principal Attendance and Engagement
Mrs Parfitt AEN Pathways Learning Support Specialist AEN
Miss Parker Head of Faculty Creative Arts Media
Miss Pearce Assistant Head of Faculty Physics Science
Mrs Phipps Director of Alternative Provision ELT
Miss Poulson Teacher Social Sciences
Miss Poultney Teacher History
Mrs Rayment Assistant Head of Faculty – Chemistry Science
Miss Reid Head of House Pankhurst Design Technology
Mrs Reilly Teacher Science
Miss Reynolds Teacher Design Technology
Miss Richards Teacher English
Mrs Ridley Head of House Churchill Geography
Mr Rostron Teacher History
Mrs Rowson SEMH Mentor Pastoral Support
Miss Samuels Pastoral Manager Science
Mrs Selby Health and Welfare Officer Safeguarding
Mrs Sheard Director of English English
Mr Singh Head of Faculty Business and ICT ICT
Miss Slemensek Director of Pupil Premium English
Mrs Slimm Senior AEN Specialist – Pathways KS5 AEN
Mrs Smallwood Pastoral Manager Year 8 Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mrs Smallwood PA to the SLT Admin
Ms Smethills Teacher Design Technology
Miss Smith Head of House Newton Science
Miss Smith Assistant Vice Principal Personalised Learning and Teacher Development
Mr Smith Teacher Maths
Mrs Somerville Head of Faculty Humanities History
Mr Spark Teacher History
Mr Steeples Teacher Sport and Outdoor Learning
Mr Stiles Vice Principal SLT (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Miss Styche KS4 Learning Support Specialist AEN
Miss Sutton Teacher Art and Design
Miss Taker Family Support Worker Pastoral Support
Miss Taylor Teacher English
Mr Tindall Pastoral Manager Year 11 Physical Education
Miss Tongue Head of Faculty Technology Design Technology
Mrs Turnbull Director of Aspire and Achieve Pathways
Miss Usen Teacher Sport and Outdoor Learning
Miss Walker Teacher Maths
Mrs Ward Principals PA Admin
Miss Wardle KS3 Learning Support Specialist AEN
Miss Wheeldon Head of House Bronte English
Miss Williams Teacher Languages
Miss Wilson Teacher Geography
Mrs Winkett Senior AEN Specialist KS3 AEN
Miss Woodfield Teacher English