‘Great dancers are not great because of their TECHNIQUE, They are great because of their passion’.

Martha Graham

During the years of 7&8, students will take part in dance lessons as a rotation in PE.  As part of the diverse PE curriculum all students will experience practical dance lessons in the dance studio. They will be taught the basic fundamentals to be able to develop creatively their choreography and learn to experience progression and enjoyment through the practical means of Performance.

Students will be encouraged to work in groups and individually, to try to problem solve, as well as build on their confidence and self-esteem.  The aim is to enhance practical and performance skills through a range of different topics and encourage new thoughts and ideas through the medium of dance.

Year 7:  

What will I learn:

Students will learn basic dance terminology regarding performance and choreographic skills in order to perform, create and appreciate other’s work.  They will develop their sense of style and practice technical skills in order to become stronger and more competent dancers through different topics and dance styles.

Year 8: 

What will I learn:

Students will develop their skills even further in choreography and how to use choreographic devices as well as ways of varying a motif within composition.   They will extend their performance knowledge and learn how to develop their dynamic and spatial awareness within performance.

In Year 8 students will take options and can opt to take GCSE dance for the next three years studying the AQA syllabus for the final exams in Year 11.

Year 9/ 10 / 11:

What will I learn at GCSE:

During these three years, students will begin experiencing new units of looking at  Safe practice, Warm up, Cool down and Nutrition.

They will recap the fundamentals of performance terminology and enhance their performance ability within the practical lessons.  As well as learn and master solo/ trio performances ready for the final live practical exam.

They will continue to study the Anthology unit which encompasses 6 professional  dance works of A Linha Curva, Infra, Shadows, Within Her Eyes, Artificial Things and Emancipation of Expression.

They will advance their knowledge of choreography looking at structure, stimulus, musical accompaniment, setting, lighting, physical setting, props and many others areas all learning to delve deeper into the world of choreography.

By the end of Year 11 students will have created a final choreography piece, performed three practical dances, two solos and one duo/ trio and gained further knowledge into 6 professional dances ready for the final written exam.


  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Dance
  • Board: AQA
  • Code: 8236