Design and Technology

best way to predict the future is to design it.

Buckminster Fuller

Key Stage 3

In design and technology students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Students learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, identifying needs and opportunities, solving problems as individuals and members of a team. Students will combine practical and intellectual skills with a range of key concepts and processes to develop their knowledge confidence and practical skills. Students will analyse past, and resent design and technology advancements, their uses and effects, and how these could apply to their creative thinking.
Design and Technology is split into three areas of study:

  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Food Technology

During years 7,8 and 9 students rotate through these areas of study, equipping them with the relevant skills and experience to choose an option subject at KS4 and build on their KS3 foundations.
Year 7
Students will start the year with an introduction to a variety of material areas, and projects as they rotate around different subject areas to build base skills. Throughout their time in the workshops students are required to understand and uphold strict health and safety rules to protect themselves others and get the most from each 12 week rotation. Students will develop a workbooks and practical tasks to build up skills and understanding, and homework which supports and consolidates theory elements covered in class.

  • Product Design ‘Block Bot’: Through the Block Bot project, students develop the key skills needed to develop good products in design technology. They will learn about designing and how to communicate their ideas, whilst also learning about safe and correct use of some of the workshop tools. Students have the chance to use a range of tools and can create an idea and follow it through to a finished product.
  • Engineering ‘Technical Minds’: As this maybe the first experience of engineering for our students, we aim to introduce them to engineering and what it means to be an engineer. The Year 7 project is a mobile phone holder and music system, and aims to inspire and motivate students into solving technical problems.
  • Food Technology ‘Chef School’: Students are welcomed into the kitchen with this toolkit of skills. They are shown a range of equipment, cooking techniques are able to experiment with food preparation. They are shown how efficiency and organisation are vital to developing successful dishes, whilst also learning some of the basic theory and food technology terms to help with understanding how the kitchen works.

Year 8
Now that students have the basics skills from Year 7, students can explore more specialist areas of design technology in Year 8. As their confidence grows alongside their skills, students can become more experimental with their creativity and when using design and making techniques.

  • Product Design ‘Pallets To Profit: Pallets to profit is the focus for Year 8 students and allows them to fully flourish in the workshop. With a charitable focus, students can develop unique and bespoke products which help to build on their awareness of sustainability and upcycling.
  • Engineering ‘A Bright Idea’: Metal work meets electronics in Year 8, when students develop their own working metal lamp. There is a focus on understanding key engineering terminology and gaining a wider insight into engineering practises. The students focus is on creating functional and accurate products.
  • Food Technology ‘Happy and Healthy’: The focus for our Year 8 students is health and nutrition and understanding what makes our bodies happy! Students will gain an understanding of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need and where to find them. They will develop healthy balanced meals and build on their cooking techniques developed in Year 7.

Year 9
We are keen that students get the broad range of subjects and can make the right choices for KS4. For this reason we have designed the Year 9 curriculum to provide a varied but focused rotation. Our Year 9 students will have a curriculum which is tailored towards getting them prepared for GCSE style tasks and activities. We have a strong focus on careers in Year 9 as well with our homework projects in particular allowing students an opportunity to research careers from the different disciplines and gain an insight into possible future directions.

  • Product Design ‘Work Catcher’: An exciting project during which students develop their own working USB. Students develop a vast range of skills including drawing, modelling, marketing, branding, presentations skills, CAD and much more. Students will develop a refined awareness of designing, whilst focussing on technical terms and professional presentation.
  • Engineering ‘Metal Masters’: This course is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to be successful on the BTEC Engineering course. You will focus your time on developing your own metal toolbox. It is an exciting project which allows students to work to specific and accurate requirements. You will develop skills including: technical drawing, modelling, risk assessments, metal fabrication, metal joining and finishing techniques. The project requires a dedicated and resilient mind set but reaps the benefits in terms of the skills it builds.
  • Food Technology ‘World Foods’: This course will teach you how to be creative with a range of recipes to make delicious foods, with a focus on multicultural dishes. You will learn how to combine a range of foods to create exciting dishes. Food is a life skill that we all need to have; you will learn how to make a meal. The making elements of this course will be set in a restaurant context where you will learn about special dietary needs, customer care, food health and safety, food preparation skills and professional presentation techniques.

Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 5

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