Key Stage 4

Course: Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Engineering Manufacture

Exam Board: OCR
Exam Specification Code: J842

What will I learn?

Engineering manufacture looks different manufacturing practices and processes using machines, tools and equipment that turn raw materials to new products.

Students will learn the processes involved in manufacturing new engineered products.

Students will be provided with the knowledge and skills required to operate manufacturing tools and equipment used to make products from the requirements of a design specification. Students will develop their understanding of the processes and systems required to transfer a design concept into a product.

A practical approach to teaching and learning will provide students with knowledge in engineering technology and develop critical thinking, creativity and dextrous skills through engaging practical experiences.

The course consists of four mandatory units.

R109: Engineering materials, processes and production

Written paper OCR set and marked 1 hour – 60 marks

R110: Preparing and planning for manufacture

Centre-assessed tasks OCR-moderated Approx. 10–12 hours –60 marks

R111: Computer aided manufacturing

Centre-assessed tasks OCR-moderated Approx. 10–12 hours – 60 marks

R112: Quality control of engineered products

Centre-assessed tasks OCR-moderated Approx. 10–12 hours – 60 marks