This exciting curriculum provides you with the opportunity to develop key skills and support you with the transition from KS3 to KS4. You will also begin to look at how all subjects at school can interlink and how many skills can be developed cross curricula.  This curriculum is designed to allow you to be inquisitive and resilient with many projects, performances, and debates for you to enjoy whilst continuously developingkey skills needed for employment as well as your confidence and independence.

You will study four different areas and look at the following topics within each area:

Creative Literacy 

  • Interior Design –This unit would invite students to explore the industry of interior design. You will research artists and movements and use this as influence to inspire you to draw, design and create interiors, surface pattern for either wallpaper or fabric and explore furniture or accessories design.
  • Visual Communication –This unit invites you to explore and discuss visual imagery that you see and encourage you to analyse what meaning and messages are been communicated. Too often, we except marketing and advertising campaigns and we undervalue the impact and influence it has on us and our behaviour.
  • Design inspiration and development In this exciting unit you will develop your innovation skills and explore how biomimicry can influence you, and why it is important to explore a target client within your designs.

Cultural Literacy 

  • Each term you will study a different language and culture in relation to music and drama. Over the three terms you will study, French, Spanish and Asian language and culture. In each topic you will experience literature from a variety of cultures that speak these languages. You will also look at music and dance within these cultures and start to understand their cultural identity.

Humanities Literacy 

  • Superpowers – You will understand how a country or group of countries can be classed as a world superpower. Within this topic you will study historical, current and emerging superpowers.
  • Cold and Hot Deserts – In this topic you study the two most extreme climates. You will focus on the climate, animals and people who live in these areas and study the challenges and opportunities these environments create for people. You will also consider the historical factors such as how the environment has changed.
  • Asia –In this topic you will study some major nations in Asia such as China, India, Korea. You will focus on looking at development indicators and develop an understanding of what life in like in these countries. You will also consider a historical focus in looking at Asia historically showing some of Asia in the height of its power.

Digital Literacy 

  • MY Learning – You will have an opportunity to explore a new skill set which interests you. You might choose to explore MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop or a new coding language. You will take a research project approach to the unit and will be responsible for managing this project yourselves.
  • Portrayal – You will investigate how media can be used to portray a chosen issue in different ways. You might choose to focus on the way youth, different cultures, historical/contemporary events or new technologies are portrayed in different ways. You will learn about the methods and techniques used by media outlets to frame issues in different lights and will collate examples of how this is done for their chosen issue.
  • What Lies Ahead – You will be able to study an area of new or emerging technology. Work will be carried out collaboratively with the objective of investigating your chosen area and gain an understanding of the technology, how it works and how it will impact upon our future lives.