Media Studies

A Level

  • Exam Board: AQA
  • Spec Code: 7572

A Level Media Studies is a very rewarding and enriching course, which requires you to be critical of the world around you. We live in an incredibly media saturated society where we are being constantly bombarded with information and images from Television, the Internet and a range of Social Media. By closely scrutinising the messages encoded within Media, it allows you to analyse, interpret and evaluate these products and can also further your understanding of them.

You will develop your skills of media literacy through studying a range of media products and exploring how they were created and what meaning they offer audiences, from film and TV to websites and apps to magazines and adverts and much, much more. Underpinning these skills are the 4 aspects of Media which make up the Theoretical Framework; Media Language, Audience, Representation and Industries. The course will feature two written exams that cover a range of media texts, concepts and theories (70%).

There is also a Non-exam Assessment where students must respond to a brief and create a range of Practical Media Productions with a cross platform approach (30%). The NEA allows students to flex their creative muscles and research, plan and create their own media pieces. In the past, students have created some outstanding original pieces such as movie trailers, adverts, websites and magazines. We use up to date, industry standard technology and software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, white and green screens and HD cameras to produce practical Media pieces that reflect the creativity, passion and ability of our students.