Pastoral Support

Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst works hard to ensure that all students feel well and do well.
It is the responsibility of all academy staff to promote and support these aims.
Commonly, the first point of contact for students is their form tutor. Alongside subject teachers and support staff, these members of staff manage the day-to-day well-being of the students in their care.
Should students require more intensive pastoral support, they will be referred to Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst’s Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) Team. The team supports students experiencing social, emotional and mental health issues, as well as providing guidance and support regarding safeguarding issues, attendance and behaviour. The team works in close partnership with parents/carers and outside agencies.


Matt Stiles

Vice Principal
(Behaviour and Safeguarding)
Designated Safeguarding Lead
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Sharon Harper

Assistant Vice Principal
(Social, Emotional and Mental Health)
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Lee Parfitt

Assistant Vice Principal
(Attendance and Engagement)
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Pastoral Managers

Bernadette Norris

Year 7
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Rachel Smallwood

Year 8
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Matt Grove

Year 9
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Dan Last

Year 10
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Martyn Tindall

Year 11
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Andrea Samuels

First Class Tutoring
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Nick Spark

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SEMH Mentor

Ria Rowson

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Restorative Approaches Practitioner

Donna Freeman

Lead Restorative Approaches Practitioner
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Safeguarding Team

Ann-Marie Dunleavey

Safeguarding Officer
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
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Jayne Selby

Safeguarding Officer
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
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Attendance Officer

Natalie Grady

Attendance Officer
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Director of SEMH

The Director of SEMH oversees the SEMH Team to ensure that students with SEMH issues are identified and supported at the earliest opportunity and in the most effective manner.
Mr Stiles also works directly with students experiencing SEMH issues.

Pastoral Managers

The Pastoral Managers are commonly the second layer of support, following intervention from tutors.
They perform three key roles:

  • Supporting students’ SEMH needs
  • Ensuring high school attendance
  • Supporting staff (e.g. tutors) in supporting SEMH & Attendance

There is a dedicated Pastoral Manager for Year 7 (Miss Norris), Years 8 (Mr Grove), Year 9 (Mr Last), Year 10 (Mr Tindall), Year 11 (Miss Smallwood) and Attendance (Mr Spark).

SEMH Mentors

The SEMH Mentors work directly with students experiencing SEMH issues. They are trained to provide intensive support for a wide range of SEMH issues.
Restorative Approaches Practitioners
Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst prides itself on taking a restorative approach to managing behaviour and resolving issues.
Restorative approaches encourage students to think about how their behaviour has affected others, how this creates obligations and liabilities and how to work with those harmed to put things right. It helps students to develop empathy, responsibility and positive relationships.
Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst’s Restorative Approaches Practitioners are based in our Restorative Approaches Centre (RAC). Within the RAC, the Restorative Approaches Practitioners hold restorative conversations and restorative conferences with students, staff, families and external agencies such as Children’s Social Work Services and the Police. They also deliver restorative interventions with students, tackling issues such as racism, homophobia and bullying.
Safeguarding Team
The Safeguarding Team provide advice and support for students, families and staff regarding safeguarding concerns.

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