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Who was Stephen Hawking?

Stephen HawkingHawking College was named after professor Stephen Hawking who was one of the most influential scientists of modern times. During his life he helped to solve some of the biggest mysteries of the universe and helping ordinary people to understand science. In doing so can be considered to be a fantastic role model for Hawking students as his successf was built on characteristics that can be found in our very own Tudor Habits!​

Born in 1942, Stephen was clever, curious and loved ​mathematics! He studied and worked at two of the ​world’s most famous universities, Oxford and Cambridge. ​
He said his aspiration was to have a complete understanding ​of the Universe.​

But when he was 21, Stephen’s body developed a disease called ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). His brain stopped sending messages to his body properly. He was told he only had two years to live. Nevertheless, he carried on with his work. After a few years, he couldn’t walk or talk and needed a special wheelchair. But he had lived longer than anyone expected and died aged 76 in 2018 after achieving great success throughout his life.​

Throughout his life he demonstrated great resilience, tremendous hardworking attitude, and a continued inquisitive nature. He had high aspirations from an early age, was always respectful and was responsible for solving great scientific mysteries such as the origin of black holes.