Student Voice is a committee of students from different year groups with the aim of improving school life for everybody at the academy. Students bring a range of ideas, solutions and creative thinking focused on dealing with issues that are important to them and the academy as a whole. Issues and ideas that arise within Student Voice are then relayed to the relevant stakeholders to implement solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Student Voice has 2 layers.  The first is built in the heart of our College system where each college has their own Student Leadership team which consists of 9 form captains and the 2 elected college captains. This group meets half termly and discuss ideas brought to the table from within the college form groups.  College captains then triage suggestions for discussion and then bring these to the Academy Student Leadership team, the week afterwards, to present to the Principal each half term.

We are proud to say that our Academy Student Leadership Team for 2023-2024 includes the following students from their respective Colleges.