Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst

Great way to get active and have a bit of fun with a hint of competition over Easter! Any #KHStars please photo you… https://t.co/p77fYX6Wlf

Not just superb at cooking but also at Accelerated Reader! Real commitment by Finley & Shaune in yr 8. Seriously pr… https://t.co/Uwp2cEOD6C

We now have a bake off! The centre of that cake looks an absolute treat! @PaulHollywood we are showing some serious… https://t.co/RSiOSnlQyL

HR in yr 8 checking in with a Victoria Sandwich as part of Food Technology Home Learning. Hope the family enjoyed,… https://t.co/DZSRSZxlE9

AP showing a significant talent in home learning. Well done to all involved. You bag these in bubble wrap, advertis… https://t.co/vj7Sg7BMKa

More great Art work at TGAK #khstars

Not only doing the JW work out but also unpicking pillow cases to create laundry bags. Talent and innovation… https://t.co/Hf0HhFpJn9

Another Kingshurst home learning superstar #khstars NS showing his creativity and recycling endeavours as well! Awe… https://t.co/BNWMSOwwyn

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Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and patience as we strengthen our structures and continue to strive for improvement. There is no doubt that we have witnessed great change in the last two years, and this has been strongly supported by the community. Since the beginning of this academic year, I have seen young people enjoying their education, wanting to achieve and proving fine ambassadors for the school and their families. With this foundation, I am confident we will improve outcomes and increase opportunities whilst maintaining our nurturing expertise and ensuring the safety of our school community.

I am also grateful to all the staff for their hard work and patience. Our teachers and support staff have demonstrated the care and dedication that allows the pupils to realise their potential and build essential self-esteem. We have a great deal of work to do, but I am confident that together, as a collective force, we can do it. The teaching and support staff have worked extremely hard this term, we have collectively coped with the absence of three senior colleagues so far this year.

We are now pleased to announce a new College Leader, Rebecca Hill, will be joining us this Easter followed by another College Leader, Gulfam Shahzad, in June 2020. They know that they are joining the Academy at a very exciting time and they are very committed to being part of its future. Whilst we are awaiting the arrival of the new College Leaders, Mr Boyle and Miss Crehan will pick up the Colleges that require leadership. I would personally like to thank Matthew Boyle, who has held the post of Acting Principal whilst we have been without a permanent post holder. Mr Boyle travels a significant distance to be here and we know that this has been difficult for him over the longer term. He will remain with us until the end of the summer and then return to his Trust-wide post at the beginning of the next academic year; while we will see him here again, he will not be based at this site full-time.

We are very ambitious for the school and therefore we have been very determined to recruit the right permanent Principal for the school; we have not found this candidate yet. I have been supporting the school for the past eighteen-months, but I will now be based here full-time to assume the responsibilities of the Principal as part of my role. The Trust and I remain deeply committed to the success of this school and so we plan for me to remain here to continue to oversee improvements. Should you wish to speak to me directly about any of these developments then please do not hesitate to contact me directly at the school. In the meantime, thank you once again for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Turner
Executive Principal

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We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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