You have been offered a place…What’s next?

Worried about Year 7? There’s no need to be!

At Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst we fully understand the move from your primary school to us can feel very daunting so we have designed a fantastic transition programme full of wonderful activities that will help you make new friends and get to know staff.
Details of our Transition Programme are provided below:

Easter Assessments

You will be invited to attend English and maths assessments during the Easter break. This is nothing to worry about and helps us place you in the correct tutor group when you join us in September. We have 10 Transition Tutors available to help you gain confidence and settle into Year 7 quickly. This will either be on Monday 9 or Tuesday 10 April 2018.

New Year 7 Parents’ Evening

This evening is for both parent/carers and students. You will have the opportunity to meet your Transition Tutor, buy uniform, meet the Principal and his senior leadership team along with the other key members of staff, such as the academy nurse, our additional educational needs team and other student services. This will be on Wednesday 13 June 2018.

Taster Days

You will also be invited to one of our Taster Days. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the students in your tutor group, make new friends and spend the day getting to know your way around the academy site. You will also experience secondary school lessons and how interesting and fascinating they can be. We will also be launching a new and exciting literacy project that we know you will really enjoy! This will be either on Wednesday 4 or Thursday 5 July 2018.

Induction Days

This day is all about getting to know the academy site. Activities will be completed in groups so you can work out where different classrooms are. You will also receive your academic planner and timetable. This will be on Wednesday 5 September 2018.

Welcome to Year 7!

Some of you will be invited to attend a meeting with senior members of staff. This meeting is designed to ensure that the additional funding we receive from the government is used to support your needs correctly and also helps us get to know you better and help you start Year 7 positively.

Important transition dates for your diary

Year 6-7 Transition Days

These will be held on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019 (9.30am – 2.15pm). This will give all New Year 7 students the opportunity to meet with their College Team and have a ‘taster’ of life at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst!

Year 7 Induction Day

This will be held on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Students will have a shortened induction day to prepare them for the start of term which will be the day after.

Our expectations of you

Always wear the full and appropriate CTC uniform.
Always wear your CTC ID card and lanyard.
Click here for more on Uniform and PE Clothing.
Attend CTC every day ON TIME.
School starts at 8:30am, you should be there by 8:20am.
Attend registration every day. If you are late you MUST sign in at the general office. Failure to sign in will result in a HIP detention.
If attendance and punctuality falls below an acceptable level then you will lose privileges.
Behave well in and outside CTC, respecting the CTC rules, buildings, facilities and equipment.
Understand and follow the CTC’s Code of Conduct.
Cooperate when people try to help you resolve your difficulties.
Treat all staff and students at all times with the respect that you would expect to receive yourself.
Pay attention in lessons, listen to your teacher and work to the best of your ability.
Write all homework in your student planner, making sure that you complete it and keep to deadlines.
Pay attention to advice about how to improve my work and do my best to act upon it.
Work hard to reach the targets that you and your teachers set.
Take care of your belongings and respect the property of others.
Don’t bring valuable objects in to CTC.
Always bring the correct equipment and PE kit to CTC.
Respect CTC equipment and facilities at all times.
Mobile phones can be used in designated areas at brunch and lunchtimes only. Look for this sign.
Use your mobile phone responsibly at all times – follow these guidelines.

Students are not allowed to leave the academy site during brunch or lunch time.
Food, snacks and refreshments can be purchased from the canteen and surrounding eating areas around the academy site. If students prefer they can bring a packed lunch with them. There are many sitting areas in and outdoors for students to enjoy the food.
Please note that there is a daily spending limit of £4.00 for students in years 7-11 (although this can be increased on parental request).
All menus are available on our website here.
  • Respect your peers, and staff, at all times.
  • High standards of conduct – manners, language etc.
  • Arrive at school on time, arrive to lessons on time.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Complete all work set to the best of your ability.
  • Be smart, wear the correct uniform and your ID card at all times.
  • Bring the correct equipment to school everyday.
  • Walk around school in an orderly manner at all times.

Parents asked for more information at the transition event. Provided more information stalls at the event:
  • Uniform sizing
  • Pupil Premium
  • Special Educational Needs stand
  • Senior leadership team
  • Social emotional and mental health stand
  • Extra-curricular activities that are available
Parents wanted more support during transition. Increased the number of interventions for supporting transitions:
  • Interviews
  • Staff have visited to view them in their primary school
  • Additional transition days for vulnerable students
  • Peer support – older students (Buddy system)
Parents wanted more information online. Improved the website for Year 7 transition – made the website much clearer and easier to read.

Useful information and further links

Academy Day

Find out lesson timings for the day.

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Free School Meals

More about Free School Meals, whether you are eligible and how to apply.

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Virtual Tour

Tour around the academy.

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There is a wide selection of food available with a 4-week menu.

Find out more

Meet the team

Let your teacher or tutor know if you are worried or concerned about anything.
Find out what the CTC has to offer you and do your best to join in when you can!

Matt Stiles

Vice Principal
(Behaviour and Safeguarding)

Lee Parfitt

Assistant Vice Principal
(Student Engagement)

Bernadette Norris

Pastoral Manager for Year 7

The Additional Educational Needs (AEN) team

Sarah Jones

Director of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Yvonne Bailey

Cognition and Learning Manager

The Pathways team

Andrea Turnbull

Director of Aspire and Achieve

Mrs Hewson

Director of Standards and Quality Assurance

Meet the tutors

Meet the transition tutors.

Miss Atkinson

Email Miss Atkinson

Mr Bailey

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Mr Broadhurst

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Mrs Dheri

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Mr Evans

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Mrs Hamilton-Grady

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Mrs Hewson

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Miss Poulson

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Mrs Turnbull

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Miss Wilson

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