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Applications for entry into post-16 September 2018 are now being accepted. Please apply online using the online application form or download a copy of the application form from below.

Internal Application Form

ONLINE FORM: Internal Application Form 2020 (Online)

DOWNLOAD: Internal Application Form 2020 (PDF)

External Application Form

ONLINE FORM: External Application Form 2020 (Online)

DOWNLOAD: External Application form 2020 (PDF)

10 post-16 scholarships are available to both current and prospective post-16 students. Prospective post-16 students who possess either academic, artistic, musical, sporting, leadership or all round talent are encouraged to complete the post-16 scholarship application form online.

Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst is committed to providing all students in Year 12 with an iPad to help assist them with their academic studies.

Please contact Medina Kenaghan (, Post-16 Registrar for further details.


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