As a Sixth Form, our vision is clear, our vision is Forward.

In recognition of a motto that has transcended the region since appearing on Birmingham’s very first coat of arms in 1839, the ability to both pay homage to this statement of intent whilst utilising its message to drive us to adapt to the social and educational needs of our students in the context of a continually changing pandemic is one that we are committed towards. Our actions, in addition to that of our students and parents/carers, will take us forward.

During this period of exceptional circumstances, education has never been so important and the need for high-quality, level 3 qualifications, that meet the needs of our students whilst enabling them to be socially mobile and fulfil their aspirations to progress to their chosen destination goes hand-in-hand with one another.

Having been established as a Sixth Form centre within the North Solihull area for over twenty-five years, we take great pride in what we do and the experience that we offer to our students and are proud to deliver such a well-respected and broad range of Level 3 qualifications that comprise of both an A Level and BTEC National line-of-learning for students.

Over the period of the last three years, we are also proud to have forged a partnership with the Solihull Moors Football Club as part of a Football and Education programme that marries Level 3 study with high-level competitive football training and competition.

This mixture of subjects and courses enable our students to secure opportunities at universities, in addition to that of apprenticeship programmes or indeed, employment upon the completion of their respective qualifications in addition to the information, advice and guidance of a team of professionals that support students from a sixth form, careers, tutoring and teaching team that are all centred upon enabling students to progress whilst also being able to attend to the well-being and health of students as we continue to evolve from the context of the pandemic.

As the sixth form continues to grow and develop as a centre, it gives me great pleasure to welcome new members to the Sixth Form Team of professionals that will primarily be responsible for supporting Year 12 and 13 learners. In addition to myself, as Director of Sixth Form and Safina Ahmed, our Sixth Form Administrator, Chris Curran and Jess Foster now take on the roles of Assistant College Leaders for Year 12 and 13 and have most recently been joined by Norsheen Akhtar, our Learning Mentor with specific responsibility for supporting sixth formers, all of which increases our capacity to attend and respond to the needs of our students.

We look forward to continuing to nurture the thoughts and feedback from the student body as a whole, in playing an integral role in the growth and development of both their sixth form and their facilities within the academy that most recently has seen them take ownership of one of the largest areas on the site as their new common room facility that will be equipped with its own food serving area in addition to providing a space for students to both work or relax during their non-contact time.

We are extremely proud of our students and how they behave, support other members of the academy and demonstrate a desire to work hard. When students complete their time here with us, not only do they progress and achieve well, they also possess the resilience and skills to ensure that they are fully prepared to move forward and face the rigours of a new-normal, wider-world.

The Sixth Form fulfils the 16 to 19 study programme requirements through enrolling them on to a learning pathway that combines substantial Level 3 A Level and BTEC qualifications in addition to other (non-qualification) activities to develop students’ character, broader skills, attitudes and confidence, and support, and therefore permits students to select a bespoke pathway that is consistent with each student’s prior attainment, interests and aspirations. All such programmes offer students breadth and depth, without limiting their options for future study or work. Where any student is yet to achieve a Level in both or either GCSE mathematics or English, they will also be required to continue to study towards achieving this through the inclusion of additional lessons within their timetable.

All study programmes have a virtual work experience programme as a minimum as we evolve back to a scenario where all students will complete a physical work experience placement. In the case of some courses such as Health and Social Care, work experience will feature as part of the programme. The Director of Sixth Form will also consider all requests to complete a work experience placement where a suitable experience opportunity is secured in an area consistent with that of the aspiration of the student.

John Bowers

Director of Sixth Form