The Academy has a long history in organising educational visits and recognises the tremendous impact that educational visits can have on our young people and looks forward to re-establishing the high quality and frequency with which trips are able to safely take place as the pandemic continues to subside under the guidance of our motivated teaching staff who volunteer to lead these experiences.


Educational visits have the ability to inspire, galvanise learning that has taken place within the classroom and provide cultural capital in permitting our students the ability to be venture safely within venues on a local, national and international scale. These experiences permit our community of young people to grow and develop into increasingly independent and confident individuals and therefore we encourage parents and carers to support the students in engaging with these visits as and where opportunity arises.

This year has already seen a number of educational visits take place, including most recently, our A Level Art and Design students visiting the Ikon Gallery to take part in a workshop whilst our Key Stage 3 students travelled to the council chambers in order to take part in the Solihull Schools Climate Conference that was modelled on the COP26 format taking place at the United Nations

Prior to any planned educational visit, the Academy will send you information about each trip or activity before it takes place. At this point, you can, if you wish, tell the school that you do not want your child to take part in any particular school trip or activity.

Written parental consent will not be requested from you for the majority of off-site activities offered by the school – for example, year-group visits to local amenities – as such activities are part of the school’s curriculum and usually take place during the normal school day. However, for educational visits that present an ‘adventurous’ theme and therefore would require a higher level of risk management or for those activities that takes place outside school hours, a consent form will always be required from you, in order to inform us of you being fully aware of the activities and timescale of the visit your child would be engaging within. As part of this process, further detail would be able to be provided to the Trip Leader to enable us to support and attend to the needs of all students.

Previous Examples of Educational Visits Include the Following


  • Geography Field Trip: Rhyd-y-creuau, Wales
  • Year 12, Aim Higher, University College Birmingham (UCB) Campus Experience


  • Solihull Climate Conference, Solihull Council Chambers
  • Ikon Gallery and the Birmingham and Midland Institute