The Purpose of Homework

Homework is essential and must be set on a consistently regular basis. It helps students organize their time more effectively and encourages them to be more independent and active learners. The purpose of homework at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst is to:

  • encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own;
  • ensure that students understand the importance of deadlines;
  • encourage students to manage their own time and the particular demands required of a subject or course;
  • help raise academic standards and improve rates of student progress;
  • help consolidate and reinforce the skills and understanding developed at the academy;
  • help sustain the involvement of parents and carers in the management of students’ learning and keep them informed about the work students are doing.

Faculties have the flexibility to set homework detentions should a student not submit their homework on time, we welcome parental support on this issue and would advise that students seek help from their subject teacher or a staff member in the Achievement Centre should they need help to complete the homework before the deadline date.