College System

The College system at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst consists of six Colleges:

Tudor Grange Academy, Kingshurst, prides itself on building great relationships with students and their parents or carers. As part of this wrap-around, the academy is structured into a series of mini-schools, known as colleges. Each college is supported by a number of key members of staff, including a member of the senior leadership team and a mentor. The core purpose of this college structure is to ensure that we, as an academy, personally know each student and their individual needs.

Within each of the colleges, there are ten smaller tutor groups, headed by teaching staff, who deliver a range of different, targeted, activities across the week. Tutor time is delivered in vertical groups, meaning that your child will have the opportunity to form relationships with a number of students, not only in their academic year, but in older year groups, too. This is a great opportunity for younger students to immediately feel part of the academy community and for older students to act as role models and peer mentors. In addition, colleges enter a range of competitions across the year. We encourage healthy competition and students really love the ownership and community they are part of. This focus on a united community allows us to recognise and reward outstanding attainment, effort and behaviour across the colleges whilst celebrating and rewarding accomplishments.


College Leader Nichola Davies
Assistant College Leader Richard Steeples
College Admin Esme Hulme
College Mentor Clark Caldicott


College Leader Tracy Watkins
Assistant College Leader Marie Brocklebank
College Admin Rachel Flynn
College Mentor Jodie Styche


College Leader Emma Ivery
Assistant College Leader Daniel Last
College Admin Cameron Quinn
College Mentor Carrie Ann Slade


College Leader Richard Jones
Assistant College Leader Martyn Tindall
College Admin Lian McNally
College Mentor Laura Clarke


College Leader Sharon Harper
Assistant College Leader Rachel Smallwood
College Admin Miriam Piddington
College Mentor Alexandra Martin


College Leader Lee Parfitt
Assistant College Leader Laura Ridley
College Admin Kelly Wardell
College Mentor Ria Rowson