Mathematics information:

Year 7

Half term Topic
Autumn term 1 Generalised arithmetic (including negative numbers)
Autumn term 2 Algebraic expressions (including order of operations)
Spring term 1 Co-ordinate geometry: 2D shapes
Spring term 2 Structure of number (including place value of decimals)
Summer term 1 Structure of a number: Fraction as a number
Summer term 2 Probability and Venn diagrams

 Year 8

Half term Topic area
Autumn 1 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Part 2 (Percentages focus)
Autumn 2 Linear sequences, equations and graphs
Spring 1 Ratio and Proportion
Spring 2 Angles
Summer 1 3D shapes
Summer 2 Statistics

 Year 9

Half term Topic area
Autumn 1 Number 1 – Integers.

Key focus: Indices and Surds

Autumn 2 Number 2 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Key focus: Decimals, Fractions, Bounds, estimation, approximation

Spring 1 Algebra 1 – Expressions and Equations.

Key focus: Sim equations and graphs

Spring 2 Shape 1 – 2D/3D Shapes and Angles.

Key focus: Pythagoras and Trigonometry

Summer 1 Shape 2 – 2D/3D Shapes and Angles. Key focus: Transformations and Similarity
Summer 2 Shape 3 – Circles and Angles.

Key focus: Circles and Circle Theorems

Year 10

Half term Topic areas
Autumn 1 Number 3 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Key focus: Percentages, Ratio

Autumn 2 Algebra 2 – Functions.

Key focus: Measures, Functions and Graphs

Spring 1 Algebra 3 – Expressions and Equations
Key focus: Quadratic equations, sequences and graphs
Spring 2 Shape 4 -Advanced Trigonometry and Angles
Summer 1 Shape 5 – Vectors and Transformations
Summer 2 Data 1 – Probability and Venn Diagrams

Year 11

Half term Topic areas
Autumn 1 Statistics
Autumn 2 Functions and graphs


Spring 1 to Summer Bespoke Review, Reflect, Refocus ongoing


Key stage 5

Mathematics general information:

What will I learn year 12?

Half term 1 Algebra: Argument and proof, Index laws, Surds, Quadratic functions, Lines and circles, Simultaneous equations, Inequalities, Expanding and factorising

Binomial theorem

Algebraic division

Exponentials and logarithms

Half term 2 Sine, cosine and tangent




Half term 3 Sampling, Central tendency and spread, Single variable data, Bivariate data

Standard units and basic dimensions

Motion in a straight line

Equations of motion – constant acceleration

Motion with variable acceleration

Half term 4 Forces, Dynamics, Motion under gravity, Systems of forces

Probability, Binomial distribution

Half term 5 Formulating a test

The critical region

Half term 6 Bespoke review, reflect, refocus.

End of year assessment

Closing any gaps in knowledge based on end of year assessment

What will I learn year 13?

Half term 1 Algebra: Further proof, Functions, Parametric Equations, Algebraic fractions, Partial fractions

Vectors in 3D

Binomial series

Introduction to sequences, Arithmetic sequences, Geometric sequences

Half term 2 Trigonometric identities



Half term 3 Numerical methods

Motion in two dimensions


Half term 4 Probability and continuous random variables

Hypothesis testing